About us

Delivering innovative Sound Solutions

“To Bring lifestyle and sound enjoyment to every music lover in the world”


Our Company

    Tectronics Global Limited is a company that combines advance technology with high quality production to present the best Bluetooth earphones and Bluetooth headphones to the market at a low cost . Our company distributes high-end audio earphones and headphones under  the brand of  Tsound.  As a music lover, we perfectly understand the importance of  good sound quality. Our products are produced with passion to provide every music lover with pleasure in listening to their favorite music.

Our Concept

The concept of our brands is quite simple since the aim of our brand is “to deliver joy and pleasure in listening to music.” Thus, in our pursuit, our company has been actively implementing the best technology and combining it with stylish and modern designs to present high-tech products for all music lovers.


Our Commitment

Our company has a strong commitment to deliver only the finest quality products to create memorable user experiences. For this, we have a dedicated team that consistently invests efforts in delivering extraordinary products which add value to your life.


Company profile

     Tsound is a HK based company with some factories located in China. We have a design team in Belgium that specializes in industrial design. With this foundation, we combine high-tech with stylish designs in our earphones and headphones. We have years of experiences which enable us to manufacture only the best quality products for all of our customers. One of the best things that we provide is low cost for our exclusive products.
As one of the music lovers, we have experienced how it really feels when we have no pleasure in listening to our favorite music due to the poor quality of headphones that we are using. This experience has motivated us to manufacture extraordinary headphones and earphones which allows everyone to enjoy the music at a low cost. Thanks to the advanced technology, our team is able to manufacture all of our products and deliver the high-end quality result at an affordable cost for every music lover. Thus, if we can have high-tech headphones at a low cost, then why shouldn’t we? 

Yes, we are here to support all music lovers in enjoying music with pleasure. Why? Because we understand and we care.


Brand mission

Mission Statement

Our company has expertise in the development and manufacture of quality headphones and earphones. We always aim to educate music lovers about what the real meaning of listening to music with pleasure is.

Therefore, we struggle to achieve greatness in every headphone we create.

Our mission is – To become the best brand in designing, manufacturing, and engineering high-caliber audio products.

Mission Achievement

To achieve our mission, we have set some motto’s:

  • High-end quality is the most important to our company.

For this reason, we consistently refine the process of our quality management. This is done with a purpose to make sure that all of our customers receive only the finest quality products at all times.

  • Our key priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our company has been earning respect and loyalty from our customers by consistently delivering finest quality which provides them with the value they need.


Our Principals in Achieving Our Mission

  • Quality – Cutting edge technology combined with stylish design and exceptional performance.
  • Variety – Always endeavoring to clip on uniqueness for all of our extraordinary products.
  • Consistency – Consistently delivering excellent quality products every time.

Technical Advantage

When you want to purchase a Bluetooth headphone, you would naturally want to know their benefits, right? Following are some of them:

So, as we all must have acknowledged that Bluetooth is defined as a wireless connection technology that gives all the users a way to connect their devices without having to use any wire.

The best advantage of using a Bluetooth headphone is to just connect wirelessly to your mobile phone and listen to your favorite music. There is no need to worry about adjusting the cord over and over again.

High Quality

High quality of Bluetooth headphones enables you to listen to music without any type of interference. With hi-tech Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy rich sound.

Simple Setup

Bluetooth headphones provide you with a smooth and rapid connection between two devices within seconds. With such headphones, you only need to connect with your device and play your music. It is just as simple as that! There is no need to adjust the length of cord because there is no cord.

Sound Quality

Bluetooth headphones deliver excellent quality of audio sounds which relies on the music emitter, environment, and the distance between your Bluetooth headphones with the connected device. You can put on your headphones and enjoy the rich and smooth sound that your device produces.